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Lash Plug

Cream Lash Remover

Cream Lash Remover

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Lash Plug Cream Lash Remover is an effective solution for removing clients lashes with ease. The cream-based formula gently loosens the bond between the lash adhesive and the natural lash, making it easy to remove the extensions. Simply apply it to the base of the lash extensions, where the glue bonds to the natural lash, and leave for 5-10 minutes to loosen the adhesive. As the remover is cream-based, this reduces the amount of residue that may come into contact with the eye, this is important due to the sensitivity of the eye area. When working with the eyes it is a necessity to use premium products to prevent any irritation.

  • Please note: It's important that all Lash Plug products are professional-grade and are not intended for home use. We highly recommend that you do not attempt to remove eyelash extensions outside of your lash appointment. Doing so may cause damage to your natural lashes or serious irritation to the eye. It's always best to seek the supervision of a lash technician.
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