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Lash Plug

Bullet Bond Adhesive

Bullet Bond Adhesive

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Welcoming to the lash game, an adhesive that uses the latest advanced technology to provide an extremely strong bond and minimum to no fumes. Get ready to lash your best set ever with Lash Plug Bullet Bond.

Perfect to use with all Lash Plug lashes, Bullet Bond has an incredible 0.5-1 second dry time, allowing you to service more clients and increase your revenue. Excellent retention, oil, sweat, and instant water resistance, making your clients call you the ultimate lash boss. Colour: Black

Net Volume: 5m

Drying time: 0.5-1 Second

Retention: up to 4-7+ weeks

Ideal Humidity: 50-70% 

Ideal Temperature: 22-26C

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Carbon Black.

  • Adhesive tips : Before dispensing your adhesive, it is crucial to ensure all the ingredients are combined by shaking the bottle (30 seconds - 1 minute). Remove the lid, turn the bottle upside down, allowing the adhesive to naturally drop from the nozzle, turning the bottle up right and removing any excess adhesive that may be left on the nozzle, wiping it away with a lint free sponge/pad, secure lid tightly and place in air tight container.


Please note: This adhesive is recommended for professional and external use only. It's advised to open a new bottle of adhesive every 4-6 weeks for optimal results. Before applying the adhesive, ensure that you remove all air from the bottle and store it in an airtight container whenever not in use. Keep the glue out of reach of children, and avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin. In case of emergency, seek immediate medical assistance.
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