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Lash Plug

14D Pretty Promades

14D Pretty Promades

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Lash Plug's Pretty Promade loose fans are a lash technicians new best friend when it comes to volume lashes! Our range of PRO made extensions are ready to use making Russian Volume services quicker and easier. Each promade fan is produced using premium quality PBT materials and bonded to mimic handmade fans identically. Unlike pre-mades, PRO made fans are created by hand and provide a hand made, luxe effect to any set of volume lashes. They feature a super snatched base for precise application and are a lightweight finish. The snatched base of the fans allows the adhesive to wrap the extension to the natural eyelash for an optimal bond. Pretty Promades are super fluffy with wide evenly distributed fibres for the perfect volumed effect. Using promade fans helps you to reduce service times as you no longer have to create fans by hand, but still achieve the same seamless effect. 

Promade Lash Curls:

Our Pretty Promade collection is available in D curl, one of the most popular and requested curl in the lash industry. Available in 3D, 8D, and 14D fans.

Pretty Promade Fan Lengths:

Lash Plug Pretty Promade fans are available in single length lash trays. 

3D 0.07 length trays are available in 8 mm -16 mm lengths – 500 fans per tray. 

8D 0.05 length trays are available in 8 mm -16 mm lengths – 500 fans per tray. 

14D 0.03 length trays are available in 9 mm -16 mm lengths – 500 fans per tray.

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